Our story begins 2013. in Poland when our partners Classic4u started importing cars from Japan. Dealership in Croatia opened early 2018. in Zagreb after the decision to extend sales to other European countries. Case that started all for us was the purchase of a rare Mercedes-Benz W124 500E imported from Japan. We were surprised by the technical condition of the car, which definitely stood out from the models available on the European market. We decided to import cars out of the Japan in the best possible technical condition and help car lovers to find them one.

We have numerous contacts that help us in car selection, when purchasing and finalizing a transaction in Japan. All this, so that the client gets a car that meets his requirements, which the European offer rarely can accomplish. Cars imported from Japan are characterized by a unique state of preservation and servicing in authorized service.

The biggest advantage is a low mileage that often does not reach 50,000 km. This is due to the fact that the Japs treat these cars as a hobby, they care about regular inspections and are dedicated to the issue of interior maintenance. In our work we combine passion with professionalism. So whether you are looking for the perfect twenty-year old Mercedes, the BMW M or the classic Porsche – you’ve come to the right address.

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